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New for 2020

  • Ocean Adventurer explores Spitsbergen via the Faroes and Jan Mayen from Aberdeen in early May 2020.  She retraces her steps in August 2020 ending in Greenland and Iceland
  • Greg Mortimer explores West Greenland and the Inuit Arctic in May and September 2020 respectively
  • Greg Mortimer sails Iceland via Jan Mayen to Spitsbergen in June 2020
  • Mighty St Lawrence is back! Join Ocean Endeavour in June 2020
  • Join RCGS Resolute's early season sailing from Edinburgh to Iceland via the Faroes
  • Explore Atlantic Canada aboard Ocean Endeavour in June 2020. In July she goes to the Heart of the Arctic
  • Visit the remote Russian Archipelago of Severnaya Zemlya with Ocean Adventurer in July 2020
  • Ortelius has a new East Spitsbergen Arctic academy voyage in August 2020
  • Essential Greenland –
    Southern Coast and Disko Bay ­­­– new for Ocean Adventurer in
    August 2020.
  • Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland are targeted by Sea Spirit in August 2020
  • Arctic discovery from Spitsbergen to Bergen in August 2020 on Greg Mortimer
  • Ever popular Scoresbysund – Aurora Borealis returns with Hondius and Plancius in
    September 2020
  • World Explorer is Exploring Iceland and East Greenland – two weeks in September 2020
  • Join Ocean Adventurer for Best of Western Arctic – Greenland and Baffin in September 2020
  • Noorderlicht has a new Isfjorden sailing in September/October 202

Arctic Voyages

The unimaginable majesty of the Arctic, a vast ice-encrusted ocean ringed by islands, casts a spell on all who visit. Many of our clients are drawn back time after time to visit different areas. We offer a variety of voyages, some geared towards active exploration with walking, kayaking or skiing, others for those who want a more leisurely pace in comfortable vessels. Whichever you choose, the memories of this dramatic wilderness will stay with you always.

Our voyages to the Arctic include Arctic Norway where several itineraries are based around Spitsbergen (Svalbard), East Greenland, Iceland, the Scottish Islands, the Russian Far East, the Canadian Arctic and the High Arctic.

The descriptions in the following itineraries are a guideline only, since the routes taken and the landings made will be dependent on ice and weather conditions.  We are happy to supply you with more detailed descriptions, day-by-day itineraries and reports of similar voyages in previous years on request.

Where activities are available on certain voyages they are shown here.  These are optional, for which a supplement is usually payable.

“As we slid into Hornsund, a glorious deep fjord, the reflections of the majestic snow peaks glimmered on the icy waters and the only sound was the mewing of kittiwakes and the crunching of keel against iceberg… Later we made an unforgettable shore landing and strolled among glorious purple saxifrage, orange lichen and boulder-strewn mossy turf to explore the bird cliffs, frenetic with noise. Our ship had a ghostly aura as she lay quietly in the bay, snow, blue sky and thin layers of drifting mist all around”.
Fiona Brijnath




The Arctic

Fiona’s travel tips

FOR THE ACTIVE: pick the hiking-focused voyages- you can do some great walks of 6-7 hours on selected days.

Book a Scotland to Spitsbergen voyage and then the consecutive North Spitsbergen one. It’s fun to leave the UK by ship and you will get a discount off the second voyage.

When not tundra hiking, standing on the foredeck watching for whales.

Clients’ comments

“A brilliant holiday! Franz Josef Land must be the ultimate Arctic experience.”

Barbara Forrai and Margaret Dykes, Franz Josef Land, August 2012

“Particular thanks to Fiona for her courtesy, professionalism and help with booking flights back to Edinburgh. Pre-departure information very good. Excellent handling of last-minute changes caused by change of vessel.” 
Mr and Mrs Norman Robb, Ann Rayner and Ronald Cramond
, Aberdeen to Spitsbergen voyage

“A trip of a lifetime which exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for your side of the arrangements – everything went like clockwork.” 
Jane Hamilton
, Sail North Spitsbergen

“Deepest thanks for all your kindness and help before departure and to lovely staff on board.”

Alison Lambie, St Kilda, Jan Mayen, Spitsbergen (Plancius)

“The arrangements you made for me were very good and I recommend Arcturus to all.”

Elizabeth Lonkhurst, Iceland/Greenland (Polar Star)

“We had prompt and detailed answers to queries and a feeling of personal, knowledgeable service. A fantastic experience- we had an idea of what to expect having been to Antarctica and it lived up to expectations!”

Dr. Andrew and Dr. Katharine Balkwill, High Arctic circumnavigation (Polar Pioneer)