The Canadian Arctic

Our voyages through the Canadian Arctic aim to take you to places of great beauty and historic importance and enable more seasoned voyagers to explore further afield than our Arctic adventures in Europe.

We put together our itineraries thoughtfully in order to include areas of exceptional splendour, great wildlife viewing and historical significance. They are led by a team of experts and specialists including geologists, botanists, biologists, anthropologists and historians.

Depending on your voyage there is wealth of land mammals to be seen, such as polar and grizzly bears, musk ox, caribou and arctic hare; while bowhead whale, narwhal, walrus and harp seals patrol the seas. Your bird encounters could include Brant and Pacific geese, bald eagles, snow geese and many species of seabird. When you are not marvelling at the magnificent scenery of Arctic tundra, glaciers and icebergs you will meet with the Inuit people and learn something of the exploration of the region in bygone days.

The cold, dry Arctic climate is an archaeologist’s dream. Here, the remains of human occupation are often very visible and artefacts can be remarkably well preserved. Although nothing can be moved or removed from these precious sites, they are wonderful places to visit and discover the ancient Inuit culture up close. You can trace the fascinating history of Pre-Dorset, Dorset and Thule cultures, whose hunting, lifestyle and artistic traditions varied greatly. And you will return with haunting images of some of the most famous expeditions, such as Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated North West Passage expedition of 1845 from which no one returned.

Itineraries relating to the Canadian Arctic


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