Ross Sea including Helicopters

Explore one of Antarctica’s most iconic regions  – for the true explorer | 37-38 Days

A spectacular discovery voyage exploring the southern Antarctic Peninsula, rarely visited volcanic Peter I Island, the outer fringes of the pack ice in the Amundsen Sea, the Ross Sea, Shackleton and Scott’s huts, McMurdo Station, the dry valleys and Macquarie Island.

The Ross Sea is a giant bay found south by south-east from New Zealand. It is home to at least 10 species of mammal, 6 dozen species of birds, nearly a hundred types of fish, and around 1000 examples of invertebrate species. The Ross Sea is one of the few expanses of salt water that has been left (relatively) free of human impact.

Travellers to the Ross Sea are greeted by a massive geographical wonder – the Ross Ice Shelf. Roughly the size of France, it is in fact part of a massive glacier that runs back onto the continent. The Shelf, referred to as the ‘Ross Barrier’ by explorers like Shackleton and Scott, runs 700 km long at its northern end and towers 15-50 metres above the water.

Be prepared for an unforgettable memory.

Ship:                Ortelius

When:             12 January – 18 February 2023, 14 February – 22 March 2023

Guide price:   £31,295 per person based on twin cabin (private facilities)

Activities:       On board helicopters enable you to reach otherwise almost inaccessible landing sites


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