From South to North

As the ships are used for voyages in both polar regions, each year they are repositioned from the Southern Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic region. This creates the opportunity for an Atlantic odyssey which has been described as the ‘finest pelagic bird-cruise’ in the world. Apart from observing many bird species, you will be able to witness the northern bird migration.

This epic voyage starts from Ushuaia and heads south to the Antarctic Peninsula in search of albatross, petrels and other southern species. Then we turn north to the South Orkneys and on to South Georgia for king penguins, macaroni penguins and wandering albatross, before venturing deeper into the Atlantic to visit the Tristan da Cunha archipelago. Here the ship may be able to land at Inaccessible Island to see the endemic inaccessible rail. There are zodiac cruises close to Gough Island for Gough moorhen and Gough bunting before you steam on north to St. Helena, where Napoleon lived in exile, and Ascension Island with its colony of over a million sooty terns.

Our journey’s end is the Cape Verde Islands, an archipelago of 10 islands in the central Atlantic Ocean situated 570 km off the coast of West Africa. Their spectacular volcanic landscape is a stark but stunning contrast to the ice of the Southern Ocean.

Itineraries from South to North


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