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Client Report: SPITSBERGEN AND NORTH EAST GREENLAND – Janice Hinlopen's back-to-back voyage

July 2012

Janice Hinlopen made two Arcturus voyages back-to-back as she had a yearning to visit the Hinlopen Strait in Svalbard!  She lives in Holland, but we are never phased by having to organise trips for overseas clients. Here are some of her comments on her ‘mega’ voyage.

It was an epic trip indeed. On both voyages we have visited many wonderful places, seen wonderful wildlife and scenery, all with excellent, knowledgeable, and very, very nice guides, and with so much co-operation of the captain and his crew.  The hospitality and service were terrific on both. I know one can never tell how trips like this will work out, so I try not to have very specific expectations, but any expectations I may have had, have been exceeded greatly anyway. 

The only complaint I have is that the travel bug has bitten me even harder this time than after I visited Antarctica in January 2008…  So much to see, and so little time. 

As for booking with Arcturus again – you were recommended to me by fellow passengers on the Antarctica voyage.  I couldn’t have wished for nicer and more co-operative people to deal with (especially with me being in Holland and Fiona/Arcturus in the UK). For my next travels I shall certainly look at what you can offer, because I have been very happy with your help and service. 

Thanks again for your share in this unforgettable experience. I have lots of happy memories, and lots of beautiful photographs to keep the memories alive.   

Janice Hinlopen, Spitsbergen Circumnavigation and North East Greenland back-to-back voyages, July 2012