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Client Report: ARCTIC NORWAY – Dog Sledge The King’s Way

March 2010

We were absolutely terrified when we were first unhooked from the ‘anchor’ vehicles on Day 1 of our dog sledging trip. Here we were, leashed to these bouncing bundles of energy and the din of 30 dogs ready to head out was deafening. We soon realised why our guide gave us so few instructions before starting, other than the all important ‘brake’ and ‘anchor’ tips, because you really have to do it to find out.

The equipment provided locally was great – we were warm, dry and comfortable in our suits and boots. The dogs are incredible, always keen to go and tireless. It was obvious the guys knew them very well and respected each individual dog for its attributes.

The Ice Hotel is a surreal place to stay and worth every penny. We slept like babies in our Art Suite - much to the surprise of the lingonberry-toting staff member who had to wake us up!  Suddenly it was all over – this trip we had been looking forward to for so long!

And finally, how could I forget! On the last night of our dog sledding we had a fantastic viewing of the northern lights. Fiona thank you very much for arranging the trip which all went so smoothly.


Jude Perry and John Verschaeren, March 2010
The King’s Way: Crossing Norway into Sweden