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Ross Sea Spectacular on board an ice-strenthened comfortable ship

On this spectacular 35 day voyage you'll follow in the wake of famous explorers Scott, Shackleton and Amundsen across the Polar Circle to Antarctica. Set foot on remote Peter I Island (few people have ever been there) and sail to the Ross Sea to vist five historic huts as well as Campbell Island, the most important breeding area of the southern royal albatross.  

when: Voyages in January and February 2018

ships: Spirit of Enderby, Akademik Shoklalskiy

guide price: From £19,995 per person based on twin cabin (shared facilities)

Antarctica with extra options

Kayak, dive, camp, hike, snowshoe, do some soft mountain climbing or join in a photo workshop on one of our 15 day basecamp voyages on a comfortable ship this coming winter.

when:          Departures November/December 2017 and March 2018

ships:           Ortelius, Plancius

guide price:  From £8,915 per person based on twin cabin (private facilities)