• Biking On The Tundra
  • A Bull Caribou Against The Fall Tundra Colors
  • Early July Landscapes Cunningham Inlet
  • A Beluga Playing In The Cunningham River
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  • Narwhal
  • B And W Polar Bear Swimming On The Northwest Passage
  • A Wolverine
  • Arctic Hare On Fall Colours
  • Fat Biking On The Northwest Passage
  • Drone Photograph - Belugas In Cunningham River  And  Guests Near Arctic Watch
  • Waterfall On Somerset Island
  • Polar Bear Walking On The Shoreline
  • Arctic Watch  And  The Cunningham River Delta
  • Bull Qamanirijuaq Caribou

Canadian Arctic

The Inuit people of the Canadian Arctic are an essential part of Canada’s national and cultural identity.  Meet them and enjoy thrilling new wildlife experiences where eagles soar and the caribou roam. 

Vast and sparsely populated, Nunavut forms most of the Canadian Arctic’s archipelago.  Its tundra-clad islands with their remote villages and archaeological sites are accessible only by plane or boat. Iconic narwhal and beluga whale thrive in its waters.

Baffin Island and Hudson Bay offer exceptional chances to get close to polar bear. Not only are the Northwest Territories home to vast numbers of caribou, but also wolves, wolverine, foxes, grizzly and black bears and a wide variety of birdlife.



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Canadian Arctic

Fiona’s travel tips

BEST TIME TO GO: There’s plenty to see and do any time between May and November. 

READ: Dead Reckoning: The untold story of the Northwest Passage by Ken McGoogan.