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Explore Dividalen - Drive Your Own Dogs | 6 days

Dog-sledding, dog-sledging, dog driving or mushing – there are many ways to describe travelling with a dog team, but everyone agrees on how exhilarating it is, standing on the runners of your sledge whilst the dogs take the strain. Snow and weather conditions permitting, you will make daily dog-sledging trips through beautiful snowscape. After a day on the trail, relax around a log fire while your hosts regale you with tales from their fund of stories about life in the north. They are excellent cooks and their menus feature locally caught reindeer, elk and salmon.  

During your trip you may be lucky enough to witness the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, and there's usually the chance to enjoy a sauna or hot tub before you fly home.


January – March 2022, dates on request

Price: £2,060 per person

Leader: Local Norwegian leader

Key info:
Minimum 4 people. Stay in a simple but cosy cabin. No previous experience required



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Fiona’s travel tips

TOP TIP: We provide superbly warm sledging suits and thick felt-lined boots so you will never be cold.

GREAT DAY OUT: The polar museum in Tromsø – it has wonderful atmosphere. The Northern Lights Planetarium or ‘Polaria’ is also well worth a visit.

Stunning displays of the aurora borealis in the night-time sky in the depths of winter (if you’re lucky)!

Sledging through spindrift across a frozen river.

Summer Island – it’s just one and a half hours’ drive from the Lofoten Islands which are five hours’ drive from Skjaerhaugen. Both offer cosy and comfortable cabin accommodation.

BEST TIME TO GO: January to early April has the best snow conditions for sledging. July and August for walking and camping.

Clients’ comments

We board the plane from the Arctic with heavy, heavy hearts & many tears. This trip has been an overwhelming experience for all three of us. Safe to say that it has been the most memorable, incredible holiday we have ever had!!! And we've had many amazing holidays.”

Karen Chaloner, Dog sledding in Arctic Norway

“Everything went like clockwork from the moment we contacted you. We were delighted with our welcome, food, warmth. Your pre-trip information, your representatives. In fact just everything. We would certainly recommend Arcturus as a firm to deal with for a memorable holiday in every respect.”

Evina Montgomery, Explore Dividalen, dog sledding in Norway

“It was a very special holiday and the activity of dog sledging is amazing. The break was exactly the right length of time for beginners and our Norwegian hosts and guides were excellent.”

Stephen and Elaine Bailey, Dog sledging in Dividalen

“The equipment provided locally was great – we were warm, dry and comfortable in our suits and boots. The dogs are incredible, always keen to go and tireless. It was obvious the guys knew them very well and respected each individual dog for its attributes. Of course I cried like a baby when we waved goodbye to them all from the Ice Hotel… And finally, how could I forget! On the last night of our dog sledding we had a fantastic viewing of the northern lights. Fiona thank you very much for arranging the trip which all went so smoothly.”

Jude Perry and John Verschaeren, Dog sledge The King’s Way: Crossing Norway into Sweden