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East to West Skiing  | 14 days

This superb skiing experience starts out with a snowmobile journey to the east coast. The starting point of the trip will be the Bay of Agardh. From here the group will aim to ski 20km each day and set up camp each night. It’s a true expedition – you’ll join in practical camp tasks such as melting water, making food and digging lavatories. After six days we hope to meet our goal – the last outpost to the west – Isfjord Radio where a comfortable bed awaits before the return to Longyearbyen.


Dates: 5-18 April , 22 April – 5 May and 8-21 May 2017

Price: £4,145 per person

Leader: Experienced local leader

Key info:
Minimum 4 people.  You need to be in good physical shape and have experience including skiing and pulling ski-pulkas.  All necessary safety and camp equipment provided



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Fiona’s travel tips

TOP TIP: We provide superbly warm suits so you will never be cold.

Sledging through spindrift across a frozen river.

BEST TIME TO GO: January to early April has the best snow conditions for skiing. 


Svalbard has more than 20 per cent of the world’s population of polar bears? Be aware that those travelling outside Longyearbyen must take precautions against polar bears – but don’t worry – your leaders will keep you safe.


Strong winds can occur in late autumn and winter, but are rare from late March to mid-October. Snow and sleet are not uncommon in winter.

Clients’ comments

We board the plane from the Arctic with heavy, heavy hearts & many tears. This trip has been an overwhelming experience for all three of us. Safe to say that it has been the most memorable, incredible holiday we have ever had!!! And we've had many amazing holidays.”

Karen Chaloner, Dog sledding in Arctic Norway

“Everything went like clockwork from the moment we contacted you. We were delighted with our welcome, food, warmth. Your pre-trip information, your representatives. In fact just everything. We would certainly recommend Arcturus as a firm to deal with for a memorable holiday in every respect.”

Evina Montgomery, Explore Dividalen, dog sledding in Norway

“It was a very special holiday and the activity of dog sledging is amazing. The break was exactly the right length of time for beginners and our Norwegian hosts and guides were excellent.”

Stephen and Elaine Bailey, Dog sledging in Dividalen

“The equipment provided locally was great – we were warm, dry and comfortable in our suits and boots. The dogs are incredible, always keen to go and tireless. It was obvious the guys knew them very well and respected each individual dog for its attributes. Of course I cried like a baby when we waved goodbye to them all from the Ice Hotel… And finally, how could I forget! On the last night of our dog sledding we had a fantastic viewing of the northern lights. Fiona thank you very much for arranging the trip which all went so smoothly.”

Jude Perry and John Verschaeren, Dog sledge The King’s Way: Crossing Norway into Sweden