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Sail Scoresby Sund  |  13 days

Arriving by chartered plane from Keflavik to Constable Pynt on Greenland's East Coast, you will join this Scoresby Sund voyage which travels into the largest fjord system in the world.

Sail the glaciated Volquart Boons Coast and enter Ø Fjord almost 40 nautical miles long with mountains on each side up to 2,000 meters high and icebergs that drift over depths of more than 1,000 meters. Stop on the south coast of Jameson Land, at a lagoon near Kap Stewart. Here the waders and geese are collecting for their autumn migration, and musk oxen and collared lemmings survive on the meagre vegetation. Further inside Hurry Inlet, you may take a walk near the head of the fjord as well as one of the rivers that terminate here. Here is a chance of a climb up the mountain of J.P. Koch Fjeld, near Hareelv. In this remarkable area, scientists found fossils that linked fish and amphibians in the lower Cretaceous period. You will return to Constable Pynt for disembarkation.


Ship: Rembrandt Van Rijn 

24 August - 5 September 2021 using Constable Point for embarkation

Guide price:From £6,555 per person based on twin cabin (private facilities)



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Fiona’s travel tips

WHAT TO WEAR: Dress in layers with a wind and waterproof outer layer. Fleeces are great underneath. It can still be cold sailing in the middle of summer so a hat, scarf and gloves are sensible if you feel the cold.


BRING WITH YOU: Insect repellent and antihistamine as mosquitoes are around in summer.

Clients’ comments

“All went well and I had a fantastic time. I was particularly hoping for ice, which fascinates me, and Arctic foxes as I had only ever seen one in the wild, and I really got my wish. We certainly went through plenty of pack and also glacier brash ice. And lots of Arctic foxes – I have some quite good photos of five of them, as well as two polar bears and plenty of walrus, distant reindeer and a few seals. Many thanks for all your help.”

Meryl Gover, Northern Svalbard Explorer, Polar Pioneer’s last voyage, August 2019


“The crew were exceptionally good, especially the team leader/cruise organiser, and the meals were fine, lots of choice and all nice. There always seemed to be something to do, even if it was just watching the magnificent scenery go by. Interesting to see Greenland in summer and especially good to have access to Nordwestfjord which I believe is not normally accessible
to tour boats.  Photos certainly don’t convey the scale of the icebergs – even the eye could not appreciate it without the ship as a reference.”

Christine Simm, Sail Spitsbergen Northeast Greenland, August 2019


“Just a brief note to say thank you for your efforts. The travel arrangements went very smoothly. My cabin was midships on the lowest deck, and was exactly where I would have chosen for myself. The first two days were the roughest weather I have ever encountered, with winds 45-50 knots. There were only about twenty other passengers in the dining room with me (out of 106), during that time! Very congenial company on board. Plenty of activity, usually two shore trips per day, with choices of charging and grades between, right down to a gentle saunter.”

John Hoskins, North-East Greenland voyage, September 2013

“Ship was very comfortable, lovely food, waiters and cabin stewards did a grand job. Good selection of talks and entertainment. It was a privilege to be welcomed into the Inuit and Newfoundland communities. A unique, once in a lifetime experience that I’ll look back on with great pleasure.”

Christine Lord, Wild Labrador and Greenland, September 2011


“The holiday was fantastic. Favourite aspects were the wonder of the Scoresby Sund fjord under clear blue skies, the northern lights and the icebergs. In Iceland the bus drivers, both male and female, were all very courteous. The B&B was excellent, very clean and friendly staff. I chose you as you offered en route accommodation and return flights – definitely a point in your favour.”

Sandy Lawson, Scoresby Sund, September 2011


“Pre-departure the service was very helpful and friendly. The whole trip was wonderful and friendly and everything went like clockwork. We enjoyed it all.”

Pat Gellion and Margaret Moore, Scoresby Sund (Professor Molchanov)

“Thank you for arranging our trip to the Arctic. We found Fiona to be extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about the destination. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the Arctic experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and would certainly use Arcturus again.”

Gillian and Neville Ham, Spitsbergen and NE Greenland


“I had a splendid holiday, I liked the Polar Star very much. Nansen Fjord was superb, at last we had sunshine. That night there was a good display of the aurora, the first time I had seen it. I had never been to the Westmann Islands and I found the harbour at Heimaey delightful. The arrangements you made for me were very good and I recommend Arcturus to all.

Elizabeth Lonkhurst, Steam to Ice (Polar Star)