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South Atlantic Itineraries


Antarctica with a Difference

Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula - 20-24 days

South Georgia, Weddell Sea and Falkland Islands - 23 days

Shackleton’s Centenary Voyage - 23 days



The Antarctic2

Fiona’s travel tips

TOP TIP: Dress in layers - you will need them.

The best time of year to visit the Falkland Islands is during the Austral Summer, particularly between the months of December to February. This is the peak of wildlife activity and, usually, the warmest time of the year.

WHY NOT: Combine your voyage in the South Atlantic with a fabulous trip to Argentina or Chile – we have plenty of suggestions!

Clients’ comments

“It was a fascinating voyage with lasting impressions. The wildlife both on the Falklands and on Antarctica is incredibly rich. The organisation on board the ship was very good. Among the talks given by the scientific crew I enjoyed the witty talks by Robert Headland the most. The familiar atmosphere in the lodges on Sea Lion Island and on Carcass Island was very nice indeed. Last but not least I should like to thank you for the impeccable organisation on your part.”

Mr Hubert Kalf, Epic Antarctica icebreaker voyage