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Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula  |  23-25 days

These longer voyages visit the Falkland Islands calling at Port Stanley, then head for South Georgia spotting a great number of seabirds as we cross the Convergence. Three days are spent in South Georgia visiting historic sites encountering fur and elephant seals, albatross and petrels. Then to the Antarctic Peninsula via Orcadas Station in the South Orkneys for three days around the Peninsula and South Shetland Islands. On the return trip to Ushuaia a profusion of seabirds follows the ship. 


Ships:      Hondius,  Plancius 

November 2019-February 2020 and November 2020-February 2021

Guide price:From £14,440 per person based on twin cabin (private facilities).

Options:November 2020 –  Plancius and Hondius’ first voyages of the season embark in Puerto Madryn

Hondius’ 27 day voyage in February 2021 includes Elephant Island and a Polar Circle crossing

Sea Spirit has four departures (24-27 days) October-November 2020 also January and February 2021. Price from £14,715 per person if booked before 31 July 2019

RCGS Resolute has departures in October 2019 and January 2020 and similarly in 2020/21

Join Island Sky and Hebridean Sky – four voyages November 2020 to February 2021

Join Greg Mortimer for her Christmas in Antarctica experience visiting the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula.
7-30 December 2020.  

Advance notice of Greg Mortimer’s epic Solar Eclipse Voyage 23 November – 17 December 2021 price guide £24,095 per person



Trip reports for the Antarctic Peninsula


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Fiona’s travel tips

DON’T MISS: Camping overnight on the peninsula to experience Antarctic weather close up. It might seem tough at the time but you won’t regret it! Don’t forget to pre-book as it’s popular.

LET US KNOW: If you have a former connection with any of the polar regions we visit by ship. Perhaps you or a relative lived on one of the bases, or were a member of a past expedition? We can offer you the chance to share your experiences, diaries or photographs with others on your voyage. In the past we’ve even got the ship to make unscheduled visits to tie in with such an event.

MUST READ: Endurance by Alfred Lansing


Clients’ comments

The Kakheti wine area, including Gremi, the Nekresi monastery and Tsinandali estate was probably our favourite experience. There was something magical about going for a swim, surrounded by vineyards that could almost have been in France or Italy, but knowing that beyond the hills the other side of the Alazani Valley lay Chechnya and Dagestan.  Gori is also a must. Restaurants were a bit hit and miss - the salads are divine and you can live on them alone, but meat/fish cooking didn't always hit the spot, though somehow it never really mattered that much

Graham and Sue Bell, Georgia, June 2018 

“Good pre-departure advice from Fiona.  Holiday itself was excellent – a superb wildlife and scenic extravaganza.  Plancius was a good boat and about the right size. Excellent team on board. Thanks again for your help in organising a wonderful experience. We’ll be living off the memories for a while yet. I would most certainly consider coming to Arcturus/Far Frontiers Travel again.”

Mike and Kathie Killingley, Antarctic Peninsula, Falklands and South Georgia, January/February 2017

“The holiday was great and met all my expectations – all the connections worked like clockwork. The cruise was fantastic and we landed on all except the South Orkneys which were ice bound. Food was very good and plenty of it – Iguazu was really good and connections etc worked well – the room was fantastic with Falls view as specified – at the end of the day it was good to relax by the pool and enjoy the Bacardi and coke as you do. Thanks for organising the trip it was one in a lifetime.”

Allen Cooper, The Falklands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, Antarctic Peninsula discovery cruise


“As you know, I have waited 60 years for this and the whole Plancius experience on the exact centenary of Scott’s last expedition was just magical. Absolutely brilliant.”

John Sharples, Antarctic Peninsula

“In December 2012 I was able to fulfil my dream of setting foot on Antarctica despite my age (83 and eight months) and disability. Thanks to Fiona’s meticulous planning and the resulting support of guides and the Plancius crew at every step en-route and on the boat, I was able to travel there and back alone, and to enjoy shore landings and zodiac rides. A truly stunning experience. I realise how blessed I was to have so much encouragement and help both from Fiona and the expedition team.”

Dr Grete Gross, Antarctic Peninsula voyage

“It was a fascinating voyage with lasting impressions. The wildlife both on the Falklands and on Antarctica is incredibly rich. The organisation on board the ship was very good. Among the talks given by the scientific crew I enjoyed the witty talks by Robert Headland the most. The familiar atmosphere in the lodges on Sea Lion Island and on Carcass Island was very nice indeed. Last but not least I should like to thank you for the impeccable organisation on your part.”

Mr Hubert Kalf, Epic Antarctica icebreaker voyage

“Most helpful, informative, and friendly service at all stages. Absolutely spectacular trip which exceeded my already high expectations. Brilliant value for money, notwithstanding the high cost. It says it all that I was looking at your brochure for a future trip, as soon as I got back!”

Judith Philip, Antarctic Peninsula