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Leader's Review: GREENLAND – Cross country Skiing in Liverpool Land

Spring 2010

Lorraine2Is the ice-melting? (Answer, possibly). Will we see husky dogs? (Answer, yes, lots of them, and we will hear them too). Will we see polar bears? (Answer, from time to time). There are all questions that I am asked by slightly anxious skiers each year as we head north to Greenland. The simple answer is that we never know quite what to expect. In spring 2009 our base was a hut in the village, but this year we will be back to travelling with a mobile campsite guided by the local Inuit hunters who also prepare our meals in the evenings. With the dog-sledges carrying our heavy packs, we ski with day-packs.

The distance we travel each day depends on the snow conditions, but there is plenty to keep most competent cross-country skiers happy. Our small group will aim to make a circular route through Liverpool Land ending in the village which gives us all time to relax before retracing our route by helicopter to Constable Pynt for the flight to Iceland and home.