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We’ve just published our 2018-2019 Brochure for Arcturus

We’ve just published the 2018-19 Arcturus brochure which gives a foretaste of the excitement we have in store over the months to come. Inside there are exciting new land-based trips for Spitsbergen and Iceland in 2018 as well as new Arctic and Antarctic voyages for 2018-19.

You’ll also still find winter 2017-18 Antarctic voyages as there are some excellent late booking opportunities. Everything in the brochure and more is on the Arcturus website, with fuller itinerary descriptions, photos, maps and client feedback. Fiona’s got detailed itineraries for all our trips and voyages and, as regular clients know, we’re always ready and willing to discuss any aspect of your plans. Tailoring memorable journeys is our forte, so do ask about how you might add a thrilling opener or a grand finale to your trip of a lifetime.