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This issue is a South America special as I’m just back from a superb visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with a whole host of ideas and offers – as well as for Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina - not to mention options for the Far East and Down Under!

My time in Ecuador was magical.  It’s a place I just don’t feel gets enough publicity. We have some brand new luxury Galapagos yachts being launched at the moment that are quite gorgeous.  I visited some really special haciendas in unique landscapes, ventured into the Amazon where this pristine primary rainforest is full of really interesting experiences and swam among sea turtles and reef sharks in the Galapagos.  More about it all in our next printed newsletter but, in the meantime, if it’s on your wish list… don’t delay in calling me. 

You can tell I’m a big fan of South America - there’s just so much to discover – so have a look at our latest Dispatches e-newsletter for some great incentives to take a life-changing holiday in 2016!