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Arcturus news

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April 2017 Newsletter


Our April 2017 newsletter is all about itineraries, when to go and what to see and experience – such as colourful traditional festivals that will really enrich your holiday memories! Fiona reports on her January visit to Japan where she was wowed by Mount Fuji National Park and entranced by the snow monkeys in Yudanaka, enjoyed sake with a Geisha in Kyoto, was moved by Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park, experienced the world of Japanese Buddhist monks in Koyasan, and much more...

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January 2017 Newsletter


Go beyond the obvious sights in Australia, take one of our cruises through the fjords of Southern Patagonia, encounter Berbers from your exotic Sahara Desert sand camp or explore one of India’s many national wildlife parks – there are over 100 to choose from! Meet the extraordinary sea gypsies in Burma’s Mergui Archipelago, stay in an out-of-this-world hotel in Sri Lanka or experience the Silk Road mysteries of Central Asia. We’ve also some amazing last minute...

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Fiona reports on a fascinating Shackleton Event in Ireland

540wShack Statue Autumn School Unveiled Aug 2016

I’m recently back from the 16 th Shackleton Autumn School held in Athy, County Kildare, Ireland, birthplace of the great Sir Ernest Shackleton. The Shackleton Museum, where the event is held, is the only permanent museum dedicated to Shackleton in the world, and it’s well worth a visit. We had some very interesting lectures on numerous polar-related topics as well as news of forthcoming books. One which intrigued me particularly is When Your Life Depends on It, co-authored by...

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Ross Sea to become the world's largest protected Marine Park


In an agreement signed by 24 countries and the EU on Friday 28 October 2016, the Ross Sea in Antarctica will become the world’s largest protected marine park. Fishing (including krill and whales) will be banned in a protected zone of the size of France and Spain combined. Scientists have estimated that the Southern Ocean produces approximately three quarters of the nutrients that sustain life in the rest of the world’s oceans. Although this agreement does not apply to the...

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Sea Spirit launches new Passenger Loyalty Programme

540wPoseidonMS Sea Spirit 1

Sea Spirit has proved so popular that, less than two years since commencing operation in the Arctic and Antarctic, an unforeseen number of passengers have already booked another trip on her. As a result the ship has introduced a new loyalty programme called High Latitudes. Every voyage brings added savings and benefits which also happen to be transferable, meaning that family and friends can also benefit. The new Polar Circle gift card can be used to reduce the price of any future voyage...

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Dispatches August 2016 - Summer News and Offers


All the latest from Peru, fascinating excursions and things to do in Morocco, Indian festivals to build into your itinerary and great new accommodation in Rajasthan and Ladakh, exciting new trips in Russia plus early booking and last minute offers for the Arctic and Antarctic ! Take a look at the latest issue of our Dispatches e-news here. If you would like to sign up to receive our news and special offers in future do fill in the form in the right hand column.

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Dispatches July 2016 - Antarctic and South America Special


We’ve so many really good offers and new ideas on the polar front that we made the July 2016 issue of Dispatches an Antarctic and South America spectacular ! In addition to the great lodges in Ecuador and Argentina featured we’ve got plenty more we can tell you about over the phone. Call Fiona to chat through the possibilities for combining an Antarctic voyage with some South American adventures. For the latest offers, both last minute and for early birds, don't forget to...

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New Arcturus Brochure 2017-2018


Inside you’ll find some exciting new land-based trips in Spitsbergen and Iceland as well as an even greater range of Arctic and Antarctic voyages. Since late bookings are still popular, we’ve included winter 2016-17 Antarctic voyages as well as dates for the 2017-18 season. Our expertise in tailor-making itineraries means that we can also advise on how you can extend your voyage to build an exciting grand finale into your trip. And if you, or a member of your family, have a past...

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Dispatches - May 2016 E-News and Offers


There's a cornucopia of ideas and offers in our latest Dispatches e-newsletter - could this be your year for Iran, Japan, Laos, Bhutan, Morocco or Hong Kong? We've also got some very tempting polar offers too! Click here to find out more

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May 2016 newsletter


Fiona’s come back from her trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with fabulous ideas for different places to see and ways to explore. We’ve something for everyone in our May edition: Amazing polar offers for both early birds and late bookers; hand-picked luxury lodges in Nepal, Peru, Bhutan and Southern India that you’ll simply adore, and illuminating trips to Japan, Russia and Mongolia. All this as well as photos and feedback from clients who’ve recently returned...

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Dispatches - March 2016 E-news and Offers


This issue is a South America special as I’m just back from a superb visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with a whole host of ideas and offers – as well as for Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina - not to mention options for the Far East and Down Under ! My time in Ecuador was magical. It’s a place I just don’t feel gets enough publicity. We have some brand new luxury Galapagos yachts being launched at the moment that are quite gorgeous. I visited some really...

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Dispatches - February 2016 Enews & Offers

DispatchesFeb2015 520x371

Our latest Dispatches e-newsletter is filled with last-minute offers and great incentives for early bird bookers. If you don't already receive it do sign up using the form in the right hand column - that way you'll be able to take advantage of the best deals as we announce them!

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Authentic polar experiences with Seb Coulthard

Seb Coultard1

Seb is a polar historian who achieved fame in early 2013 as one of the team who re-enacted Ernest Shackleton’s epic 800 nautical mile crossing from Elephant Island across the Southern Ocean followed by a three-day mountain crossing of South Georgia in order to get help to rescue his stranded crew. They achieved their perilous mission using the same equipment, clothing, and food as their heroes almost a century before, surviving everything that the sea threw at them in a faithful replica...

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January 2016 newsletter


A very Happy New Year to everyone! Our January newsletter is hot off the press and inside you’ll find tempting new itineraries to inspire your holiday plans. We’re delighted to be adding Turkey to our portfolio of destinations – so have a look at the special flyer with my report on our recent family break in Istanbul and suggestions for just a few of the marvels that await in all corners of this fascinating country. Also new for 2016 are a unique in-depth trip to Bhutan...

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Dispatches - December 2015 Enews & Offers

Dec Dispatches Image

Read our December issue of Dispatches . Don't miss out on late offers and last minute deals - sign up to our newsletter using the form on the right, and receive it in your email box every month!

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Dispatches - November 2015 Enews & Offers

NOV Dispatches V2

Read our November issue of Dispatches . Don't miss out on late offers and last minute deals - sign up to our newsletter using the form on the right, and receive it in your email box every month!

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Dispatches - October 2015 Enews & Offers

Oct Dispatches V2

Read our October issue of Dispatches . Don't miss out on late offers and last minute deals - sign up to our newsletter using the form on the right, and receive it in your email box every month!

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Dispatches - September 2015 Enews & Offers

SEP Dispatches PAGE PICv4

Read our September issue of Dispatche s. Don't miss out on late offers and last minute deals - sign up to our newsletter using the form on the right, and receive it in your email box every month!

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New Arcturus Brochure

Pic For Website

We’ve just published the Arcturus 2016-2017 brochure and it’s certainly action-packed – in fact we had to add four extra pages to fit in all our exciting new land-based trips and voyages! Inside you’ll find some great new expeditions in Greenland, The Faroes and Iceland and we’ve extended our range of Arctic and Antarctic voyages. We’ve also included winter 2015-16 Antarctic voyages too because late bookings are still proving popular – so...

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News from Canada: Franklin’s ship discovered

Bell 2

In September 2014 Akademik Sergey Vavilov was one of four vessels involved in the Victoria Strait Expedition to find Erebus and Terror — the two lost vessels of Sir John Franklin’s Expedition, missing in Arctic waters for the past 160 years. With more ice last season than usual it was an astonishing feat to bring back photographic evidence of Erebus. The loss of the vessels off the northwest coast of King William Island, was a momentous drama that has long captured...

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