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Bears, Volcanoes, Native People, Reindeer Herders, Autumn Colours  |  19 days

In order to experience the richness of the region’s flora, fauna and geology, its scenery and autumn colours, we plan to visit as many habitats as possible including the central valley with the Kamchatka River, Tolbachik, Kzudach, Mutnovsky and Vachkazhets volcanoes, Kurilskoye Lake and the hot Khodukta River in the southern tundra. Kurilskoe Lake, part of a nature reserve, is one of the best places in the peninsula to see brown bears and Steller’s sea eagles.  Moving around by helicopter and truck we will watch bears feeding on berries and salmon spawning, swim in hot rivers, meet the locals in the settlement of Esso and stay overnight with the nomadic reindeer herders in their summer mountain camp.      


Dates: 23 August – 10 September 2021, 2 - 20 August 2022, 23 August - 10  September 2022

Price: £6,830 per person  (2021), £6,950 per person (2022)

Leader: Local English speaking Russian leader

Key info:
Group size 16 maximum. The pace will be leisurely with some tougher but optional walks




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Fiona’s travel tips

Top fact: If you’ve sledged in Russia in winter you’re in an elite club!

we should warn that winter dog sledging expeditions are for the hardy as it can be extremely cold!

Take with you:
Dried fruit, nuts and chocolate to vary your diet.

Best time to go: June to September for summer adventures, January to March for winter activities.

Clients’ comments

A great time with lots of good memories and photos. The driver was excellent on all terrains, our vehicle old, but completely reliable and added to the experience. The last day was packed, but otherwise there was a relaxed and unrushed attitude. It was all very well organised, staff were pleasant and good fun and the trip was tailored well for everyone. I didn’t want for anything.”

Mrs Elizabeth (Tilly) Smith, Kamchatka – Bears, volcanoes, native people, reindeer herders, autumn colours


“Everything was fantastic. So many bears, loads of volcanoes and spectacular views. Great company, good food, cannot fault a thing apart from a dodgy zip on the tent!”
Paula Slater
, Kamchatka

“Wonderful, beyond expectations, well organised and always a Plan B if Plan A didn’t work out. Lorraine was a superb leader. Pre-departure information was thorough and clear.”

Sue Hynard, Arcturus Kamchatka group


“Our local guide, Irina, was great – nothing seemed to be any trouble for her and she always seemed to have ideas about what we could do every day. We really enjoyed her company and felt that our days had good pace and rhythm about them. Irina was knowledgeable about the area and had obviously spent time developing good relationships with local people who took us about on boats and in trucks – we definitely benefited from this. We are keen birdwatchers and saw plenty including sea and great eagles, osprey and divers.”

Mr and Mrs James Nangle, Solovetskis and the White Sea

“It was truly unforgettable and, if anything, exceeded expectations. Thank you for a wonderful trip!

Chris Robb and Karen Murphy, Dog sledging with the reindeer herders and native people