• Small Houses And Jagged Peaks Are Typical Of Nanortalik In South Greenland

Liverpool Land Ski Trekking  |  10 days

Flying from Iceland to Constable Pynt on Greenland’s coast, you meet up with your local guide. His dog team pulls food, tents and other equipment, enabling you to ski with a lighter backpack. The terrain is comparatively flat and you’ll head off into the untamed wilderness for five nights in hunters’ huts or camping, setting up tents in beautiful, very remote spots.

After six days of skiing, you reach the Inuit community of Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) and stay two nights in the local guest-house.


Dates: Weekly departures on Sundays and Wednesdays March – May 2019

Price: Depends on group size. Please contact us for prices

Local leader

Key info: Experience of cross or backcountry skiing required. You bring your own touring/ backcountry skis and must be able to ski up to 25km a day on moderate terrain with a backpack.




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Fiona’s travel tips

Read: Sirius Patrol by Peter Schmidt Michelson

What to expect:
Greenland weather is extremely changeable so be prepared for flight delays or last minute contingency plans.

Best time to go:
Spring for Greenland sledging, summer for wonderful hiking.

Clients’ comments

“The whole holiday was absolutely amazing!!!! Please stay in touch and we are filling everyone’s minds with Greenland and going with you.  We can’t wait to go back and it was ALL thanks to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Jamie and Julia Korner, Greenland

“I loved the holiday and all your arrangements were spot on!  The dog-sledging on my first day was such fun and a great introduction to the whole experience.  At the dog-pound there was a fine example of a trapper's hut and also bear and fox-traps - all of which my Dad often made mention of in his journals - so that set the scene."

Elspeth Hamilton, Nordhauslandet


“Just a few lines to say that I am safely home and how much I enjoyed the trip. Everything went wonderfully well, in spite of the problems with the weather. My body feels like 103 with all the aching joints but that does not matter. Greenland was wonderful, even the white-out, and I just hope I have a few photos to do it justice.”

Christine Simm, Dog sledging in Greenland for women 40-plus


“Your office admin was excellent with total information that was relevant, clear instructions and efficient booking etc. Greenland was total magic. Lorraine did a great job feeding us all and keeping us organised. I was impressed with the guides, vehicle pick-ups, etc. What was really good was, of course, the magnificence of the scenery and all that ice in its wondrous forms. The boat trips were superb and peaceful so that I could really absorb the Arctic - wild flowers, birds, and the amazing walk on the ice cap.”

E Powley, West Greenland


“It has been a wonderful experience, particularly to have the opportunity to hike onto the inland ice. I have been in the Ilulissat area before and still found it an exciting, varied and challenging trip which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Christine Birchall, West Greenland


“A big `THANKS` for leading us through a memorable visit to that beautiful and interesting part of Greenland, and laying on such great weather.”

Duncan Currie, West Greenland