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Canada's Remote Arctic – Northwest Passage to Ellesemere and Axel Heiberg Islands  |  13 days

This rare itinerary is intent on reaching Canada's most northerly islands: Axel Heiberg Island and rarely visited Ellesmere Island, at the top of the world - transiting famous Hell Gate. We hope to fly up to explore the Devon ice cap, one of the Canada's largest. History buffs may pay their respects to the ill-fated 1845–46 Franklin expedition at gravesites on Beechey Island.  Wildlife options include sea mammals, polar bears, muskox, and possibly even the elusive arctic wolf.


When:Three departures from late August – mid September 2021

Price:From £7,795 per person

Leader:Local guide

Key info:Add on a special 90 minute helicopter experience to view the caribou migration

Canadian Arctic

Fiona’s travel tips

BEST TIME TO GO: There’s plenty to see and do any time between May and November. 

READ: Dead Reckoning: The untold story of the Northwest Passage by Ken McGoogan.

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