• Fat Biking On The Northwest Passage

Arctic Watch Lodge discovery experience  |  11 days

Here at the most northerly fly-in lodge on earth enjoy gourmet meals and adventures of a lifetime in the company of world-class polar guides and wildlife photographers.

The Weber family who own the lodge really know the Arctic, having led some of the first polar expeditions to reach the North Pole and set speed records at both poles. They have skied, kayaked, hiked and explored right across Canada’s far north.  Join them for fully guided excursions ranging from wildlife photography to fat biking the frozen Arctic Ocean, sea kayaking alongside beluga whales and more besides.


When:2-12 July, 9-19 July, 6-16 August 2020

Price:From £10,970 per person

Leader:Local guide

Key info:Add on an optional overflight of the Northwest Passage with a landing on Beechey Island. Get a bird’s eye view of narwhal and bowhead whales en route

Canadian Arctic

Fiona’s travel tips

BEST TIME TO GO: There’s plenty to see and do any time between May and November. 

READ: Dead Reckoning: The untold story of the Northwest Passage by Ken McGoogan.

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