• Bull Qamanirijuaq Caribou

Arctic Haven – autumn Arctic, caribou, wolves and 
Northern Lights  |  10 days

Observe one of the largest caribou herds in North America as they roam the Arctic Barrens. The 250,000 strong Qamanirjuaq herd passes by Arctic Haven as they migrate between Baker Lake and the treeline.  Grazing in small groups against the spectacular reds, greens and golds of autumn on the tundra, they may walk within metres of you. With the prospect of seeing the Northern Lights this truly is a trip of spectacle.

Three days of helicopter-supported adventures shuttle you to remote points to start each day’s excursion. Trek and bike along the winding caribou trails etched into the tundra and fly fish for Arctic grayling and lake trout in clear cold streams. 

We also set off in boats, on foot or in ATVs to visit archaeological sites, search for wildlife and explore the stunning tundra scenery.  At day’s end you’ll sleep well after a sauna by the lake and a hearty feast.


When:Three departures from late August – mid September 2021

Price:From £7,795 per person

Leader:Local guide

Key info:Add on a special 90 minute helicopter experience to view the caribou migration

Canadian Arctic

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BEST TIME TO GO: There’s plenty to see and do any time between May and November. 

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