• A Beluga Playing In The Cunningham River
  • Drone Photograph - Belugas In Cunningham River  And  Guests Near Arctic Watch
  • A Wolverine
  • Narwhal
  • Early July Landscapes Cunningham Inlet
  • Biking On The Tundra
  • Polar Bear Walking On The Shoreline
  • 2015-08-05-NJW-059
  • Waterfall On Somerset Island
  • Arctic Hare On Fall Colours
  • Bull Qamanirijuaq Caribou
  • Arctic Watch  And  The Cunningham River Delta
  • Fat Biking On The Northwest Passage
  • B And W Polar Bear Swimming On The Northwest Passage

Canadian Arctic itineraries


New for 2020 Arctic Watch Lodge discovery experience - 11 days

New for 2020 Arctic Haven – autumn Arctic, caribou, wolves
and Northern Lights
- 10 days

New for 2020 Ultimate Arctic expedition - 14 days

New for 2020 Narwhal and polar bear safari - 10 days

New for 2020 Hudson Bay polar bear migration fly-in safari - 9 days

New for 2020 Polar bears and glaciers of Baffin Island - 10 days


Introducing two great lodges





Canadian Arctic

Fiona’s travel tips

BEST TIME TO GO: There’s plenty to see and do any time between May and November. 

READ: Dead Reckoning: The untold story of the Northwest Passage by Ken McGoogan.

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