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Blue Ice Paddling – Kayaking Expedition  |  8 days

Paddling along ice floes alongside a stunning blue glacier front makes for an unforgettable experience! Seals and belugas are not uncommon in this fjord and we will make a number of forays by kayak from our comfortable base Nordenskiöld Lodge to see local wildlife. There will be expedition lunches ‘in the field’, tasty and convivial dinners, arctic swims for the adventurous, warm- up saunas and a chance to stretch our legs each day.

Dates:Summer 2022 – dates to suit group

Price:From £4,825 per person 

Leader:Local leader

Key info: Minimum of 4 people. No experience needed. All equipment provided. Not suitable for those with lower back pain



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Fiona’s travel tips

DID YOU KNOW: Svalbard has more than 20 per cent of the world’s population of polar bears? Be aware that those travelling outside Longyearbyen must take precautions against polar bears – but don’t worry – your leaders will keep you safe. 

AVAILABILITY: The summers are short and hotels fill quickly so book early to avoid disappointment.

TOP TIP: Don’t be caught out by the weather – which can change quickly. Depending on the time of year you are travelling and the trip you are joining, some of the expedition kit will be supplied locally.

WEATHER: Strong winds can occur in late autumn and winter, but are rare from late March to mid-October. Snow and sleet are not uncommon in winter.

Clients’ comments

The three days/two nights I spent at Isfjord Radio were wonderfully relaxing – easy hiking by my standards, the open boat trip to Alkhornet and the glacier-face (picnic on the beach) was bracing, the food was exceptional – fine dining really.”

Anne Robinson, Walking in Nordenskiöld

A good, challenging camp/hike tour in extreme polar outback. I particularly enjoyed hiking in the hills with the team. They were spread across different hotels at the start and the other travellers had not been pre-informed as well as me. Thank you for your help and for all the arrangements. 

Alan Haselden, Hiking across Nordenskiold