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FionaFiona Brijnath   

With her life-long career in travel, Fiona Brijnath has developed tailored travel itineraries for nearly 25 years, many of them for loyal clients who wouldn’t travel with anyone else.

Based in an idyllic rural setting in Devon, Fiona’s travels to remote destinations have equipped her with unrivalled expertise in many countries around the globe and her particular forte is in arranging bespoke holidays and multi-country itineraries. She derives enormous satisfaction from crafting the best travel itineraries possible and in looking after her clients, many of whom come back time after time and have become personal friends over the years. Because Fiona continues to live her passion for travel through her clients she hardly sees it as work at all!

You are unlikely to find anyone who gives more attention to personal service and detail or who is better equipped to advise on how to make yours the trip of a lifetime.

“I hope you enjoy this taster of the voyages and expeditions we are running over the coming months and will be as excited as I am about the possibilities on offer. We are always ready to talk to you about any aspect of your plans, so if you are undecided as to exactly what you would like to do, then just pick up the phone and we will be happy to make suggestions”.
Fiona Brijnath, Director