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Ross Sea voyage - The greatest discovery voyage in Antarctica 

A spectacular discovery voyage to the Ross Sea on board Ortelius.

Sail to places where you are the only explorers, crossing the Polar Circle to Antarctica, set foot on Peter I Island (so far less than 1,000 people have been there). You are probably the only vessel sailing in the southern Bellingshausen and Amundsen Sea, in the footsteps of famous polar explorers, to the Ross Sea where you can observe the original basecamps of Scott and Shackleton.

You will encounter huge ice-formations, orcas and emperor penguins and fly to the Mc Murdo Dry Valleys, a bizarre place comparable to planet Mars.

This is a voyage like no other; pure discovery, where temperatures and landscapes vary constantly and unique experiences are guaranteed; you cross the global date line and experience the same day twice. 

The 32-day voyage combines three continents; South-America, Antarctica and New Zealand, Oceania. Close to New Zealand we visit Campbell Island, the most important breeding area of the southern royal albatross.

Some great very last minute offers may still be available on the last cabins! This voyage will not be offered again before 2020, so this is your unique chance to explore!

when: 12 February – 18 March 2017

ship: Ortelius

guide price:  From £17,985 per person 


Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia

Audience with kings – late offer

Cabins have recently become available on this previously sold-out voyage. It’s a comprehensive exploration of the Southern Ocean starting in Ushuaia, Argentina and ending in Montevideo, Uruguay.

ship: Sea Spirit

when:  24 February – 16 March 2017

price guide: £1,250 per person reduction and free kayaking for superior suite accommodation. New price £14,325 per person based on twin superior cabin (private facilities)


Antarctic Peninsula – Basecamp Plancius

Contact Fiona for a great discount on a twin window cabin on board Plancius for this basecamp experience. Click here for more information on the voyage.

ship:  Plancius

when: 6-17 March 2017 (voyage dates)


Polar Pioneer - Upcoming voyage discounts

Hurry and you might still get 20 per cent off remaining berths for the following:

In Shackleton’s footsteps - 8-25 March 2017

Call us about availability on this offer and our Polar Pioneer voyages for the 2017-18 season


Crossing the Polar Circle on Ortelius

Whale watching awaits!

Great discounts on twin porthole (deck 4) and twin window cabins for this 11 night voyage through waters travelled by humpback, minke and fin whales.

ship:  Ortelius

when:  17-28 March 2017 (voyage dates) 


Atlantic Odyssey with or without the Antarctic Peninsula!

Whales, Arctic terns and long-tailed skuas!

Some really great savings on this Plancius itinerary for March/April 2017. Call Fiona for prices.

ship:  Plancius

when: 17 March - 22 April 2017 (including Antarctic Peninsula, voyage only)

             26 March to 22 April 2017 (excluding Antarctic Peninsula, voyage only)

You can also take the shorter whale watching voyage, cruise dates 17-26 March 2017, for which there's a discount on a twin window cabin.