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Arcturus offers

Latest ANTARCTIC news and offers

228x320hIra MeyerMG7308 - Copy

A spectacular discovery voyage to the Ross Sea on board Ortelius. Sail to places where you are the only explorers, crossing the Polar Circle to Antarctica, set foot on Peter I Island (so far less than 1,000 people have been there). You are probably the only vessel sailing in the southern Bellingshausen and Amundsen Sea, in the footsteps of famous polar explorers, to the Ross Sea where you can observe the original basecamps of Scott and Shackleton. You will encounter huge ice-formations,...

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Current offers on ARCTIC voyages and expeditions

320hcroppedIcebreaker Quark Expeditions Photo CreditHenryMiltenburg 386x170

Sea Spirit has proved so popular that passengers have been quick to book another trip on her. As a result Sea Spirit has introduced a new loyalty programme called High Latitudes. Every voyage brings added savings and benefits which also happen to be transferable, which means that family and friends can also benefit. The new Polar Circle gift card can be used to reduce the price of any future voyage with the ship and take advantage of the attractive benefits which increase with the number of...

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